We improve the quality of life of our patients with the latest technology and human treatment

TSC (conditioned sound treatment)

This treatment is suitable for patients from 8 years old with mild to moderate neurosensory hearing loss who want to recover their hearing. It is also a new and innovative treatment for Tinnitus. Through conditioning of the patient’s auditory threshold it is possible to recover the hearing and to eradicate the Tinnitus.


Eustachian tube surgery with and without ball

This is a new intervention for chronic tubal dysfunction that causes symptoms such as ear clogging, buzzing or clicking, and the patient develops chronic otitis media which in severe cases can lead to hearing loss.

This procedure offers a solution for patients with tubal dysfunction, which causes symptoms such as tamponade of the ears, tinnitus and chronic otitis media. The latter can lead to loss of hearing. Ambulatory surgery.


Coclear Implant

Surgery indicated for people with profound sensorineural hearing loss. Consists of placing a multielectrode in a space created behind the ear when extracting a piece of bone from this area. It is indicated in patients older than 2 years. It gives the possibility to these patients to recover the sense of hearing.

Comprehensive Management of Vertigo

We have the best training and the latest technology to provide an accurate vertigo diagnosis, instability or dizziness from the audiological portfolio (audiometry, impedance measurement, logo-audiometry) to specialized studies such as VNG (videoelectronystagmography) The integrity of the peripheral (inner ear) and central (central nervous system) mechanisms involved in the development of balance.

We currently have the following treatments in our unit of vertigo:

  • Acute crisis: vestibular and anti-emetic sedatives.

  • Maintenance with pharmacological prophylactic treatments.
  • Intra-tympanic treatments.


  • Vestibular rehabilitation with physiotherapists specialized in the management of vestibular pathology.

Stapedectomy Surgery (Osteosclerosis)

We have specialists trained to perform the procedure indicated in the treatment of hearing loss or hearing loss because of otosclerosis, in which one of the ossicles of the middle ear, the stirrup, is replaced by a prosthesis that performs its same function.


Middle Ear Implats

We have devices that are responsible for the transmission of sounds to the inner ear through a microphone that is located behind the ear. The microphone converts the sounds into mechanical vibrations, which are sent to the floating mass transducer in the middle ear; This microphone behind the ear is held by a magnet implanted under the skin. These implants are mainly used by people who can’t benefit or use traditional hearing aids, people with an obstruction in the outer or middle ear, people who can’t use hearing aids or ear molds and people who can’t benefit from sound amplification.


Middle Ear Insufflation

It is a technique used in patients with hearing loss or decreased hearing sensitivity secondary to the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear; Which opens and permeabilizes the Eustachian tube (a horn that connects the middle ear and the back of the nose) by increasing the pressure through the nose with a device called “Ear Popper”; This action can be achieved by exhaling or swallowing forcefully with the mouth and nose closed. The goal is to introduce air into the middle ear, through the Eustachian tube, and equalize the pressures, allowing better drainage of fluid.




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