Masculinizing and feminizing voice manipulation

This procedure offers an option for patients with pathologies that suffer abrupt changes in their voice and for those who want to alter their tone of voice for aesthetic reasons through changes in the tensile strength of vocal cords, the procedure is performed ambulatory through a microscope.


Microsurgery of vocal chords

We have the surgical techniques that aim to improve the voice by correcting anatomical alterations that affect it, such as nodules, polyps, cysts, contact ulcers, sulcus vocalis and recurrent paralysis. As well as the necessary therapy for the rehabilitation of these pathologies.


Management of dysphonia and voice

The treatment of dysphonies, especially of the organics, is based on three fundamental pillars: medication, rehabilitation and surgery according to the case and the etiology of the patient’s symptoms.


Video Laryngeal stroboscopy

This method allows us to obtain video images with intermittent illumination of the vocal folds through endoscopes. These images are recorded in digital systems, making possible the analysis of the movement of these. This system is the most used in the world for the diagnosis of voice problems it allows the detection of the changes in the anatomy of the vocal folds and to define the alterations that these changes generate in the vibration.

Video Fibronasopharingolaringoscopy

Endoscopic exam made with flexible optical fiber, used for the diagnosing diseases in the nasal cavity, rhinopharynx, pharynx, and larynx. It is done under topical anesthesia in the nostrils and it lasts approximately 5 minutes. The endoscope is inserted through the nostrils and it connects to a camera and light source allowing a detailed and high definition image of the upper airways.


Comprehensive Management of Dysphagia

Dysphagia is a swallowing alteration that generates difficulty or sensation of obstruction in the food passage from the mouth to the stomach this is the reason why this requires an adequate identification and the anatomical site compromised along this physiological route and thus indicating an effective treatment.


Resection of laryngeal papillomatosis / subglottic stenosis or endoscopic subtraction and shaving technology

With minimally invasive technologies, pathologies such as laryngeal papillomatosis, subglottic and sub tracheal stenosis are resected.




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